Driving along the Via Salaria, the traveller can’t help but notice a noble Villa situated on a gentle hill. Welcome to Villa Sgariglia, a jewel of a hotel that beguiles every visitor with its breathtaking view. Located in the district of Campolungo, it is just a few minutes away from Ascoli Piceno. The guest approaches the Villa through a long laurel avenue that is centuries old.

The 18th century mansion of the Sgariglia marquises is an architectural masterpiece of a suburban Villa in the Piceno area and boasts a marvellous panorama. The lovely Church of Our Lady “Tempietto dell’Assunta” dating from the late baroque period also belongs to the Villa. It was built by Lazzaro Giosafatti, working under the supervision of the famous sculptor and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Enjoy the stunning view that stretches almost from the sea to the mountains: it is a real show-piece of a “marchigiana” landscape.

Adjacent to the Villa courtyard stands the substructure with niches and statues. Steps to the right and left of the substructure lead to the church entrance. In the shape of a Greek cross, the church features an elliptical sacristy behind the chancel. Another particular highlight is the semicircular cupola topped off with a skylight turret that ascends symbolically to Heaven.

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